ChoiceStream works with the world’s leading agencies, trading desks and brands to deliver high performing advertising campaigns.

Whether through our managed service offering or our simple to use platform, our technology powers your success.

Managed Service

Let our team of experts put our audience data and technology to work for you. From crafting a proposal tailored to your business needs to making sure all creative assets and metrics are properly set up, to delivering detailed analytics and reporting, we provide dedicated and personalized service around the execution of your campaigns.

Whether your campaign is desktop or mobile, uses video, standard IAB units, or Rising Star creative; whether you need additional targeting layers like location, cross-device, or retargeting; whether you would like to include other data sources like past purchases or your own 1st party data, ChoiceStream can help you get the most out of your advertising.

ChoiceStream also offers creative services solutions, helping you create the most compelling advertising experiences for your audiences.


Self Service

Self-Service Platform

The ChoiceStream self-service platform is a turnkey solution that balances automation and precise control, while giving you complete transparency into your media campaigns. And even better – it’s simple to operate, so you don’t need a degree in media technology to run it.

Most brands and agencies evaluating a platform approach are simultaneously trying to build a team and onboard media practices that previously were outsourced. That’s why we’ve made it easy to get started, and then to take as much control as you like as your team gets more comfortable. You can test what works best for you, and then calibrate the machine to your learning.

Our team can also work with you to provide training, setup, and guidance around audience definition and strategy – or just help keep things running smoothly. We even offer creative services solutions, helping you create the most compelling advertising experiences for your audiences.

Creative Services

ChoiceStream offers a suite of creative services, to help ensure you reach your audiences with the most engaging and relevant messages possible, powered by our audience driven-technology. Our in-house creative team can work with your existing creative assets or develop custom ads for your campaign.

Dynamic ads ensure a personally relevant experience by adapting to individual consumers. Data gleaned from engagement with the ad feeds back into our optimization engine, giving your campaign an extra boost by targeting positive responders.




Show your customers an ad customized
to their local weather conditions.


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An exciting way to showcase multiple
products or offers within an ad unit.


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Directly ask consumers what they want and adapt immediately to their response.


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Customize your ads in real-time based
on the viewer’s persona.


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Show a selection of products based on
consumers’ recent web activity.


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Live Feed

Make your ads relevant by including
live feeds and links to your content.


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Put the pressure on with a countdown clock
embedded in your creative.


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