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ChoiceStream Launches Pollshare™ Platform in Canada

July 4, 2015BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ChoiceStream, a provider of optimized programmatic advertising for brands and agencies, today announced that it has expanded Pollshare, its proprietary data-collecting platform, to aid Canadian brands and advertisers in finding and identifying their target audiences. Already widely used in the United States, Pollshare was built to entertain consumers with polling questions while simultaneously collecting self-declared data for use in clients’ brand campaigns. “Nine percent of our traffic was already coming from Canada,” explains Daryl Stansfield, regional sales manager – Canada at ChoiceStream. “The Canadian version of Pollshare allows us to insert Canadian-specific questions about cultural and political trends that will grow the site’s momentum, while providing Canadian advertisers with powerful consumer insights.” ChoiceStream uses collected data to create consumer audiences before and during client ad campaigns, directly targeting custom, qualified audiences and modeling new audiences. This helps advertisers focus on targeting the right consumers with timely, relevant

ChoiceStream Announces Thunderdome

July 4, 2015World’s First Competing Algorithms in a Programmatic Platform BOSTON, MA–(Marketwired – Mar 30, 2015) – ChoiceStream, the top choice for brand advertisers in audience targeting optimization and advanced programmatic media buying, today announced the next evolution of its optimization architecture. Thunderdome is the world’s first and only implementation of media and audience optimization based on multiple competing algorithms. While most programmatic platforms with real-time bidding use a single algorithm to select impressions, ChoiceStream’s system evaluates thousands of algorithms that compete in real-time to continually improve campaign results.  “Other ad tech vendors pick a model and build their business off of that,” says Eric Bosco, CEO of ChoiceStream. “Then something better comes along, making the current model obsolete. Instead of picking one algorithm to run our entire system on, we built a framework in which many different models constantly compete to be at the top.” Thunderdome takes advantage of

ChoiceStream Ranks Among Top Networks on comScore’s Display Ad Ecosystem Report

July 4, 2015Programmatic Partner Places 26, Achieves More Than 75 Million Monthly Unique Visitors BOSTON, MA–(Marketwired – Feb 24, 2015) – ChoiceStream, a top programmatic marketing partner for national brands and agencies, ranked 26 on comScore’s Display Ad Ecosystem Report for January 2015. The Ad Ecosystem report is part of comScore Media Metrix®, a leading online audience measurement tool in the digital advertising industry that is frequently referenced by media planners and buyers in relation to their campaigns. ChoiceStream’s recent measurement relationship with comScore underscores the company’s commitment to transparency. In 2015, comScore added ChoiceStream to the group of ad network entities assessed by the report. ChoiceStream reached 33 percent of Americans online in January 2015, and achieved an average daily visitor count of 8.7 million. ChoiceStream’s ranking is a testament to the company’s commitment to reach the most qualified audiences at scale for programmatically-run branding and performance campaigns. “We

ChoiceStream Reveals Audience Cost Calendar Year In Review

July 4, 2015Consumer Cost Insights From 2014 Guide Digital Advertisers in 2015 BOSTON, MA–(Marketwired – Jan 28, 2015) – ChoiceStream, a leader in programmatic advertising, today released its Audience Cost Calendar Year In Review, a graphical summary detailing the price trends of consumer data segments throughout 2014. These trends include a total increase in cost index that began two years ago and has continued through December 2014, with an average price increase of 4.2 percent per month. This is consistent with the industry increase in ad spend that brands are allocating toward programmatic campaigns. Some key trends noted throughout 2014 include a peak of the World Soccer segment ranking in July, corresponding with the FIFA World Cup, which took place from June 12 to July 13. Similarly, eight sports-related segments all ended the year with a significantly higher cost index than they saw in November, which is fitting with national

Programmatic Provider, ChoiceStream, Announces Monthly Changes in Consumer Segment Costs, as Tracked By Machine-Learning System

July 4, 2015Offer Seekers Rise in Cost While Groceries and Travel Drop BOSTON, MA–(Marketwired – Dec 11, 2014) – ChoiceStream, a leader in programmatic advertising, today released its monthly Audience Cost Calendar infographic. The company’s optimization system monitors the cost index of thousands of third-party data segments, which are consolidated into 315 super segments and then ranked from lowest to highest cost. Data pulled from November shows that Automotive and Holiday & Events now dominate the top ten consumer segments in cost index. With the recent passing of Thanksgiving, this comes as no surprise. The increase in holiday ads drove prices up for advertisers competing to reach consumers with their offers. As the industry reflects back on online advertisements for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is interesting to note that the Value Shoppers and Couponing segments remain low in cost index, as they have since May, while the Offer Seekers

As the Holidays Approach, Programmatic DSP Announces Dips and Rises in Consumer Segment Costs

July 4, 2015Minivans, Health, and Toys on the Rise, While Gift Giving Drops BOSTON, MA–(Marketwired – Nov 19, 2014) – ChoiceStream, a leader in programmatic advertising, today released its monthly Audience Cost Calendar. The company’s machine-learning system monitors the cost index of thousands of third-party consumer data segments, which analysts consolidate to 315 super segments to track changes in rank. ChoiceStream illustrates findings in a monthly infographic. Holiday-related segments Despite the fact that the holiday season approaches, the gift-giving segment continues to decrease in cost-based rank, dropping for the fifth month in a row. While the toy and retail shopping segments have increased in rank since May, this dip in gift giving is significant in comparison to previous years. An eMarketer report uncovered that retailers in 2014 are making conservative inventory choices; in the report, a research analyst states, “we’re seeing very, very lean levels of inventory going into the

Arts and Entertainment Segments Rise in ChoiceStream’s October Audience Cost Calendar

July 4, 2015Segment Price Continues Steady Increase for Movies and Television BOSTON, MA–(Marketwired – Oct 16, 2014) – ChoiceStream, a leader in the programmatic media-buying space, today released the October installment of its Audience Cost Calendar. The company’s machine learning system monitors thousands of consumer data segments and rolls them up into 315 super segments, which it ranks by cost index in its monthly report. ChoiceStream illustrates the findings in an infographic that highlights significant changes in cost-based ranking month over month. This month shows a continuous increase in rank for two segments in Arts and Entertainment. Both the Movies segment and the Television segment have recorded long-term momentum throughout the year, increasing in cost index every month since last December, excluding a slight drop in January and August. This trend is drastically different than the year prior. In 2013, performance of these particular segments was sporadic, and often ranked among

Audience Analysis Tool for Programmatic Campaigns Wins ChoiceStream New Product of the Year

July 4, 2015Award Honors cs.Console’s Interactive Interface for Campaign Transparency and Insights BOSTON, MA–(Marketwired – Oct 3, 2014) – ChoiceStream, a leader in the programmatic media-buying space, today announced that it received the New Product of the Year Big Award from the Business Intelligence Group. The Business Intelligence Group recognizes superior business performance with industry awards, and the Big Awards for Business this year honors organizations worldwide for their innovation. ChoiceStream’s product, cs.Console, is a portal that advertisers can log in to 24/7 to access deep audience and campaign insights as well as standard campaign statistics. It is an important step forward in advanced audience insights within adtech. As ChoiceStream’s machine-learning system optimizes to target campaign-specific top consumers, it collects massive amounts of data. The company’s account management team has always delivered the insights pulled from this data to the client. One client, a senior specialist in digital media at

Midrange Cars Join Travel as a Top Ten Segment in ChoiceStream’s September Audience Cost Calendar

July 4, 2015Early Education & Maybach Segments Drop in Price This Month BOSTON, MA–(Marketwired – Sep 16, 2014) –  ChoiceStream, a leader in the programmatic media-buying space, today released the findings of its monthly Audience Cost Calendar. The company’s machine learning system monitors thousands of consumer data segments and rolls them up into 315 super segments, which it ranks by cost index in its monthly report. ChoiceStream illustrates the findings in an infographic that highlights significant changes in cost-based ranking month over month. After two months of dominating the top ten segments with the highest cost index, travel was joined by another segment. Midrange cars moved up 237 places in rank to enter the top ten, increasing 234 percent in cost index since last month. “This comes as no surprise,” says Bill Guild, VP of Marketing at ChoiceStream. “Automobile experts have recommended for years that consumers make car purchases in late

Grocery Shopping and Domestic Auto Maker Segments on the Rise, According to ChoiceStream’s Monthly Programmatic Cost Index

July 4, 2015Office Electronics and Foreign Cars See Decline in Rank BOSTON, MA–(Marketwired – Aug 14, 2014) –  ChoiceStream, a full-service programmatic media-buying partner, today announced the findings of its cost index report. This monthly report monitors 315 consumer data segments — both IAB and custom — and ranks them from lowest to highest cost index. Published as an Infographic, the Audience Cost Calendar shares changes in segment costs month over month. This month, travel continues to dominate the top 10 segments. With the exception of slight one- and two-place adjustments in rank, foreign destinations have maintained their place in rank above other consumer segments. This could be due to advertisers paying more during the summer months to reach consumers placed in these segments. A clothing retailer, for instance may choose to advertise its summer sandals and swim suit cover-ups to consumers who have been categorized into the Caribbean and Greece

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