Why CPM Is Neither Dead Nor Dying

October 21, 2014

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    Pixel Tag Management: FAQs and Best Practices - When a brand begins to transition advertising spend from branding ... http://t.co/1DOhmtTctM -
    Catch him in Chi, 1:20PM! RT: @ericbosco: On a smooth @AmericanAir flight to #mpomma to speak about @ChoiceStream #programmatic Art+Science. -
    TOMORROW in #Chicago: CEO @ericbosco explains how #art + #science come together to form #programmatic advertising. @MediaPost -
    Confused about pixel tag management? Read our explanation, FAQs + Best Practices http://t.co/pWMnn0UGBX #Programmatic http://t.co/YLtqYmszJn -
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