Why CPM Is Neither Dead Nor Dying

November 1, 2014

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    Great points, via @AdAge: A Better Programmatic Supply Chain Will Root Out Fraud: http://t.co/6bx6v2KZAG #BrandSafety -
    A Super Accessible Beginner's Guide to #Programmatic Buying and #RTB: http://t.co/XpQVEnlmBK by @Econsultancy -
    Data Integration in Programmatic Campaigns: Vary Your Sources http://t.co/va0pbQZODV #programmatic #consumerdata #digitaladvertising -
    Happy belated birthday to the #bannerad... The big 2-0! Read the full history here, via @AdAge: http://t.co/jD5V2wz3Gk -
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