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    Forget Mad Men And Math Men - Mad Max Is The One Inspiring Programmatic Innovation: http://t.co/W0sv7I4CnX @mediapost http://t.co/NHWWAZBG68 -
    L'Oreal's Chief Digital Officer on #Programmatic Plans, Startups and Org Charts, via @AdAge: http://t.co/I2XVmUi9nr We're here, @ljubomira! -
    Today we announce Thunderdome: the World's First Competing Algorithms in a #Programmatic Platform - #Optimization http://t.co/xkZj7mpX7J -
    Kellogg’s spoon-feeds its secret recipe for #programmatic prowess, via @TheDrum: http://t.co/H3zt9HIvHI @KelloggsUS http://t.co/oXguLXVPes -
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