5 Benefits of Outsourcing Programmatic
As programmatic media buying gains traction, brand marketers – even those who have already adopted some model...
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When Viewability Can Actually Blind Advertisers
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ChoiceStream Wins New Product of The Year for cs.Console Product
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Don’t Overlook Audience Insight in Programmatic


Industry publications predict growing budgets dedicated to programmatic, which will consume larger percentages of brands’ total digital spending across various company sizes, verticals and countries. In spite of this, there still exists ambiguity about how these types of media-buying systems work. That, coupled with the instantaneous nature of real-time bidding decisions and the anonymity of websites on which media buyers bid to serve, has caused an industrywide call for transparency. There are many types of transparency that marketers and advertisers should seek on behalf of a brand, but one of the most important – audience insight – is often overlooked by industry pundits. Transparency, when used in reference to behavior, can be defined as operating in a way that actions are visible or communicated. It’s characterized by visibility or accessibility of information, particularly regarding business practices. Transparency in the context of a programmatic media-buying campaign could be referring to any

How Programmatic Media-Buying Tackles B2B Marketers’ Top Five Prospecting Issues

person turning dials

AdAge recently published a B2B Research Insights whitepaper by Avention,  “Finding the Ideal Customer Prospect,” that focuses on prospecting challenges that marketers face. According to the findings in the whitepaper, which are based on a study of B2B companies*, the marketers experience a variety of problems in reaching out to prospects. While the study and responses assume that B2B marketers will focus their efforts in email and other tried-and-true direct channels, it is worth considering the contribution that can be made by the newest direct channel, programmatic media buying. Below we explain how programmatic media-buying addresses the top five concerns uncovered in the research: 1. Research Finding: A brand’s database lacks depth and accuracy. Programmatic media buying brings a wide breadth of data and a whole new scale of reach to B2B marketers, filling a void that many companies currently experience. Programmatic systems can incorporate a brand’s first party data

Travel still solid. Romance won & lost surprisingly strong in September’s Audience Cost Calendar.


Yankee great Yogi Berra once stated, “It’s like deja vu all over again.”  That’s obvious when looking at the fact that six out of the Top 10 ranked segments in September’s Audience Cost Calendar (which actually looks at August data) were Travel related (with Italy, France, the UK, South Pacific, Australia & New Zealand and Canada showing strong). In the August Cost Calendar (which looked at July data) five of the Top 10 segments were Travel related. The September Audience Cost Calendar – a monthly aggregation of impressions traded on digital ad exchanges – also shows the cost index narrowed last month (from 33 to nearly 250 in August) whereas the previous month’s results (July) showed a wider range of between 45 to nearly 300.  The cost index presents the average coist of the segments as it relates to the average cost of all segments. For example, an index of

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