[Q&A] ChoiceStream Creative Team Capable of Delivering Design for Any Brand
This week we sat down with Amanda Sousa to learn more about her contributions to...
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[Q&A] ChoiceStream Creative Team Capable of Delivering Design for Any Brand

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This week we sat down with Amanda Sousa to learn more about her contributions to the ChoiceStream creative team. Here’s what Amanda had to say! What is your role at ChoiceStream? I am an Associate Graphic Designer on the creative team! Where were you before ChoiceStream? I’m a graduate of Suffolk University’s New England School of Art and Design, where I received a BFA in Graphic Design. While I was at Suffolk, I took courses with professional graphic designers and interned with the university to produce promotional pieces, logos, flyers, and brochures. What do you do when you’re not at ChoiceStream? I am an improv comedienne! I perform multiple, weekly shows in and around the greater Boston area. I started doing improv back when I was in college, and it has really strengthened my communication and creative art skills. Who do you work with in your role here at ChoiceStream?

Q&A with a ChoiceStream AdOps Analyst


This week we sat down with Christian Holmes on our team of optimization analysts to learn more about his daily role and what he’s learned so far. Tell us about yourself! What’s your background? I’m originally from Connecticut and went to school in Vermont at Middlebury College. I graduated with a B.A. in Economics and Chemistry, and joined ChoiceStream shortly thereafter. What is your role at ChoiceStream? I’m an Associate Optimization Analyst. My team monitors the ad campaigns that ChoiceStream runs. This ranges from overseeing campaign launches to ensuring that each campaign delivers in full, with even spend throughout the month in a way that works best for our platform. For instance, we often run our campaigns slightly ahead at the outset. This allows us to gather information that helps optimize our system’s real-time bidding (RTB) decisions. In addition to monitoring pacing, I also ensure that our delivery and performance

What Is Attribution in Digital Advertising?

What Is Attribution in Digital

Attribution, in the context of digital advertising, is a measurement by which advertisers assess their media plans and quantify the success of consumer touch points in ultimately contributing to a sales conversion. Conversion types vary from one industry to another, as well as from one campaign to the next, but here are some examples: product purchases, site visits, quote starts and finishes, membership applications, information requests, and other kinds of form fills. To review, the sales funnel (in the eyes of a brand), or buying journey (in the eyes of the consumer), consists of various phases that can broadly be split up into two: original awareness and then later conversion. As a consumer, think of something that you recently purchased after giving it some thought. What initially sparked your interest? Let’s say that you live in New England, and somewhere in between all of the storms, you realized that your jacket

Six Programmatic Lessons from #BOSnow


As shovels scrape sidewalks, snow plows rumble past, and cars skid out of their spots, it is clear: Boston is in a state of crisis. It is in situations like this that people are faced with a reality new and different from their norm. They become forced to make quick decisions and react accordingly. With all of this snowfall, snow removal, and stress, there are a few lessons that mirror programmatic advertising. Adaptability and Patience There’s no question that storms like Juno, Linus, Marcus (and counting…refer to the weekly weather forecast) have forced New Englanders to be adaptable. Drivers maneuver their way around parking bans to find a home for their vehicles, only to have to dig their cars out after the onslaught of bright, heavy blankets of white. Commuters have no choice but to work from home, while city workers rush to address the havoc that Mother Nature has wreaked. Meanwhile,

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