[Q&A] Diverse Sales Team Represents ChoiceStream Across the Country
This week we sat down with Jason Smith to learn more about his role on the business...
Build Your Audience’s Emotional Connection with Engaging, Interactive Creative
Static ads that lack visual appeal and interactivity won’t cut it these days. The typical conversation...
[Q&A] Pioneering Players Fuel ChoiceStream Account Management Team
This week we sat down with Emily Reale to learn more about her role on...
The Evolution of Programmatic and How That Evolution Has Affected Price
As confirmed by AdWeek and Business Insider, programmatic prices are on the rise. Business Insider...

[Q&A] ChoiceStream Creative Team Capable of Delivering Design for Any Brand

Untitled design (3)

This week we sat down with Amanda Sousa to learn more about her contributions to the ChoiceStream creative team. Here’s what Amanda had to say! What is your role at ChoiceStream? I am an Associate Graphic Designer on the creative team! Where were you before ChoiceStream? I’m a graduate of Suffolk University’s New England School of Art and Design, where I received a BFA in Graphic Design. While I was at Suffolk, I took courses with professional graphic designers and interned with the university to produce promotional pieces, logos, flyers, and brochures. What do you do when you’re not at ChoiceStream? I am an improv comedienne! I perform multiple, weekly shows in and around the greater Boston area. I started doing improv back when I was in college, and it has really strengthened my communication and creative art skills. Who do you work with in your role here at ChoiceStream?

Why Programmatic Is a Slam-Dunk for March Madness Advertising

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Well, we are officially in the midst of one of the nation’s most anticipated sports events: NCAA March Madness. As the clock ticks down to the first round of games, sports experts continue to share their predictions, players gear up for tip-off, and will-be viewers across the nation prepare their brackets. Once in full swing, March Madness will present one of the year’s greatest digital advertising opportunities for sports brands across the country. With each passing year, brands increase the amount they spend for exposure to consumers watching the tournament. In 2012, advertising spend exceeded $1 billion for the first time, surpassing Super Bowl spending. From March 13 to April 2, CBS and Turner accrued more ad dollars for March Madness than any other playoff and championship series for the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. In 2014, advertisers went even further, spending $1.13 billion on March Madness-related TV advertising. Brands

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Breakdown of The Drink-Down: St. Patrick’s Day Forecast


As Saint Patrick’s Day quickly approaches, we thought we would launch a poll to ask consumers across the U.S. what their beverages of choice will be. And the findings are interesting. Check out our findings! How did we pull this data? We launched a question on our polling platform, publicly known to consumers as Pollshare.com. Here’s what the question looked like: Want to share your drink of choice? It’s not too late!

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