Travel still solid. Romance won & lost surprisingly strong in September’s Audience Cost Calendar.
Yankee great Yogi Berra once stated, “It’s like deja vu all over again.”  That’s obvious...
The Art of Digital Advertising – More Than (Just) a Feeling
A great byline by Max Kalehoff entitled “Trust Your Numbers…Or Your Gut?” got me thinking...
Full Service vs. Self Service
Marc Grabowski, COO of Nanigans recently posted an article touting the benefits of a self-service model for...
Sloth and Vanity
The smartest person I ever worked for was Barry Appelman at AOL (sorry Steve!). Amongst...

How Private is Your Back Yard?

How Private is Your Back Yard?

When I go in my home and shut the door behind me, I have privacy – a lot of privacy. Anyone stomping on my bushes and peeking through my curtains can be prosecuted. I expect other people to understand these boundaries, and I expect the government to protect my right to privacy. If I did bother to read my lease, I would even find a clause that stipulates when and under what conditions the owner of my building can get into his own property.  Our home is our private space because we own it, or lease it, or rent it. When I step into my yard, I have very different expectations of privacy—and so does the government. In my yard I know I have to tolerate a neighbor who walks right up to my hedge and watches me play with my dog. Let’s keep walking. When I step out onto

Evaluating Programmatic Campaigns – Fourth and final tip

Evaluating Programmatic Campaigns – Fourth and final tip

In this fourth post in the series, I will discuss how to evaluate campaigns run through programmatic media buying systems.  I will discuss how to apply common metrics so these campaigns can be compared to other types of campaigns in a cross media mix, and I will discuss the very different metrics to apply when optimizing within a programmatic media buy or between programmatic media buys.  Finally, I will share some of the measurement flaws we have experienced and how to avoid them. Comparing cross media campaigns Cross media campaigns almost always involve the challenge of reconciling unlike metrics.  When comparing TV to Online, it isn’t sensible to use GRPs which don’t have much meaning online and it isn’t possible to use clicks or beacons which don’t exist in TV.  The best thing to do is estimate the impact each campaign has on the bottom line then compute the Return

How Media Planners can Succeed with Programmatic Buys: Part Three

How Media Planners can Succeed with Programmatic Buys – Delivery – Third of four tips

In part three of my tips for success in programmatic media buying series I address how to deliver  an effective CPM campaign. I will share with you tips for delivering a successful CPM campaign as well as tips for working with a partner who is delivering the campaign for you. When evaluating CPC and CPA campaigns, ad delivery is usually not an issue. A partner may deliver as many clicks or actions as possible and will be paid a fixed rate for each one. Since there is no expectation of a minimum or maximum number of responses, and since the client doesn’t worry much about the number of impressions served to achieve the responses, delivery is rarely an issue. For CPM campaigns, delivery is typically defined as spending a specified budget at a specified rate. Additionally, the client often has a back-end performance goal and wants the spend spread evenly

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