How Marketers Find and Target Elusive Consumer Audiences
A Pollshare Case Study In the world of digital advertising, brands harness consumer data to...
Programmatic Optimization: How It Really Works
Programmatic media-buying is well-known for its one-to-one nature, causing a common misconception that all types...
Three Benefits of Using the Same Vendor for a Cross-Channel Campaign
As consumers, we jump around from one device to another throughout the day – work...
RTB vs. RTO, And Why You Should Know The Difference
(As published in The MakeGood) Often introductions to programmatic advertising discuss the process of real-time...

How to Win Gifts (and Alienate Coworkers)

A lesson in Probability

A Yankee Swap Lesson in Probability, From the ChoiceStream Research Team This month, companies nationwide are engaging in an ancient and venerable holiday tradition: the Yankee Swap. With the annual swap comes a challenge unique to members of any research team. We value our wits above all else, and thus must devise a winning Yankee strategy! Our reputations, after all, depend on it. Join us as we ponder this challenge, and see how it reveals a bit about our algorithms: Three presents remain in the Swap. One of them you know to be from the quirky-but-generous VP of Research, Monty. You expect his gift to be quite valuable, but you do not know which one it is. You tell Monty that you think Present #1 is his and you intend to pick it when your turn comes. Monty’s turn is first, and he opens Present #2 – revealing a particularly unappealing

10 Reasons To Budget Programmatic Into Your 2015 Digital Marketing Strategy


We continually hear about brands across all industries allotting large chunks of digital advertising spend to programmatic. Google, American Express, and Mondelez are some of the big-name conglomerates, but smaller brands are hopping on the bandwagon as well. Here are ten distinct benefits these marketers are getting from programmatic. Achieve one-to-one marketing. Programmatic allows brands to meet consumers’ demand for more personalized interactions by using data to ensure that the best person views the best ad in the best context. For example, a brand can use programmatic to reach a very specific target by device, location, persona, and content. It can also serve up different versions of an ad to match a consumer’s gender, age, income, etc. This type of personal relevance increases click-through rates and landing pages conversions. Reach consumers with a coordinated campaign across all digital devices. Buyers today research and browse online across many different devices –

[INFOGRAPHIC] Programmatic Costs, Month Over Month


Offer Seekers Segment Rises While Groceries and Travel Drop Today, we released the December edition of our monthly Audience Cost Calendar. Our optimization system monitors the cost index of thousands of third-party data segments, which we consolidate to 315 super segments and rank from lowest (1) to highest (315) cost index. You can access the infographic here. Our data shows “Automotive” and “Holiday & Events” now dominate the top ten consumer segments in cost index. With the recent passing of Thanksgiving, this comes as no surprise. The increase in holiday ads drove prices up for advertisers competing to reach consumers with their offers. As we reflect back on online advertisements for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is interesting to note that the Value Shoppers and Couponing segments remain low in cost index, as they have since May, while the Offer Seekers segment has increased in cost index 38 percent. Advertisers can take advantage of

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