How to Win Gifts (and Alienate Coworkers)
A Yankee Swap Lesson in Probability, From the ChoiceStream Research Team This month, companies nationwide are...
10 Reasons To Budget Programmatic Into Your 2015 Digital Marketing Strategy
We continually hear about brands across all industries allotting large chunks of digital advertising spend...
[INFOGRAPHIC] Programmatic Costs, Month Over Month
Offer Seekers Segment Rises While Groceries and Travel Drop Today, we released the December edition...
We Tail e-Tail: Following Online Retail’s Ad Evolution
Consider, for a moment, your shopping habits for the past month. How many retail items...

A Media Planner’s Conflicted Relationship with Programmatic


Programmatic – pro ·gra ·ma ·tic – \ˌprō-grə-ˈma-tik\ Saying it’s an industry buzzword is an understatement. “Programmatic” is tossed around at your agency all the time. Publications and industry leaders define it left and right, but you’re still a little confused – what does it entail, really? If you were put on the spot to explain it in detail – more so than glossing over algorithms and machine learning – well, that would be tough. RTB, DSP, SSP, DMP, CPA, CPC, CTR, CPM – There are way too many acronyms. Why doesn’t that ever come up in industry chatter? Someone out there is getting a kick out of all of these three-lettered things. The Lumascape is kind of confusing, too – even to experts. Seriously, look at this thing. There are so many different players that it’s hard to classify. How can you be expected to understand programmatic when DSPs, SSPs, data suppliers,

Why Consumers Share Online (And Advertisers Love It)

Why People Share

People share their opinions online as a form of identity expression. They make statements about their beliefs, attitudes, and lifestyle choices in the form of Facebook status updates, Tweets, blog posts, et cetera. Anyone trying to tap into the psyche of the collective masses knows it’s a challenge, but this feat can be accomplished using a simple tool: online polls. Polling allows advertisers to collect data en masse and build self-declared personas based on the opinions of thousands, allowing for smarter targeting and in-depth consumer insights. At ChoiceStream, we ran a poll through our polling website to illustrate how presenting a simple question to consumers can result in powerful data for advertisers. After receiving 1,000+ responses to the above question, we used our proprietary technology to take a close look at the results. Here’s a taste of what we found: Americans aged 65+ are the age group most likely to believe

Prospecting and Retargeting – The Smart Way


Think of a situation in which you searched for and purchased a product, and then were later served an ad for that same product – even though you had already bought it. I shopped for a Halloween costume accessory, for example, and was retargeted to purchase that accessory through different websites, again and again. Even a week later, when I had the purchase in-hand, there it was again, on my computer screen – another advertisement. Now consider a time when you were served an ad out of the blue, for an offer that you were completely uninterested in. For me, it was an international parrot conference ad in the right-hand column of my Facebook page. These arbitrary retargeting and prospecting examples above occur in life too often – an annoyance to the consumer and a waste of money for the advertiser. Our goal at ChoiceStream is to make advertising more relevant, benefiting consumers’

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