The Rise of Digital Advertising in Politics

The 2016 presidential race is everywhere. You can’t go about your day without hearing the latest Donald Trump news, who is doing what at the Iowa State Fair, or how Bernie Sanders ranks in recent polls. In the midst of…

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Retailers Come Together to Talk eCommerce, Multi-Channel Innovation

This year eTail East was right in our backyard! The annual Internet retail conference took place at the Sheridan Hotel next to the Prudential Center in downtown Boston. We sponsored a booth on Tuesday and Wednesday, making the quick trip…

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Closing the Dynamic Creative Gap

Digital advertising has come a long way in the 20 years since HotWired.com ran the first ever banner ad. The evolution of digital creative since then has been slow. Many brands still repurpose TV and print ads for display and…

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How Brands Use Data Feeds and Dynamic Ads to Personalize Customer Journey

This week, our VP of Client Services, Anna McCarthy, spoke with Retail Touchpoints about the state of innovation with advertising technology. Today, brands are starting to use first-party and third-party data to speak to consumers on an individual level. Dynamic creative makes…

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Programmatic Experts Speak – Reflecting Back, Looking Forward [Q&A]

Now that Q1 and Q2 have come and gone and we’re in the midst of Q3 2015, we wanted to take a moment to observe where programmatic advertising stands. We pulled in subject matter experts across ChoiceStream to weigh in. Here are the SMEs…

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An Update on Viewability: July 2015

Viewability. It’s something that digital advertisers run into day in and day out with the campaigns that they run. While viewability is measured and considered highly by the majority of brands and agencies, it’s still in its early stages. Our CEO Eric Bosco recently addressed…

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Zipcar Marketing Turns New Corner, Finds Lapsed and Active Members Online

ChoiceStream Uses Interactive Polling Ads To Drive Instant, Actionable Feedback From Zipcar Members. In Q1 of 2015, Zipcar’s Boston-based marketing team sought to identify current members browsing online. The team wanted to start a two-way dialogue through display advertising, and to personalize offers by member…

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What Ever Happened to That Boston Snow Farm?

This past winter, as Boston weathered its way past one, two, three, four (and more) snowstorms, flakes continued to fall and our company made a bet. We took whiteboard markers and jotted down predictions on our window: when would the Tide…

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Meet Your Audience: cs.Console Delivers Unique Insight Into Programmatic Campaigns

Brands and Agencies Can Log On to cs.Console at Any Time to Check KPIs, Understand Audiences and Access Transparent Data Last year, we announced the release of cs.Console, our complementary product through which clients access up-to-date campaign data and transparent audience…

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Programmatic is a Method, Not a Strategy

Digital marketing experts develop the plan, algorithms deploy it Every week or so, we hear another statistic about the burgeoning reality that is programmatic advertising. While programmatic is growing in ad spend, in its confidence with brands and its reliance from…

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