Self-declared audiences, our source of truth

Advertising is about reaching the right people with messages that will resonate. To understand, find and engage with those people, you need data – and lots of it. The problem is, most of the data out there today is highly inaccurate, as providers increasingly sacrifice fidelity for scale.

At ChoiceStream, we’ve taken a different approach. Through our consumer-facing website, we ask real people what they think, what they care about, what motivates them, and more. We use this self-declared data to model segments and filter all the noise out there in the ecosystem, leaving you with only the exact audiences you care about reaching. You can have confidence that you are reaching your target audiences, with efficiency and at scale.

Our data goes beyond simple demographics to get to the heart of what really matters – the preferences and motivations that make your customers real people, not just statistics.

1.7 Million votes per month
350+ unique audience segments