CRUNCHing Numbers – ChoiceStream Optimization Engineer featured in ADWEEK

Behind the scenes at ChoiceStream HQ for Ben's photoshootAs a company with a long history, ChoiceStream has been helping brands reach their consumers with relevant advertising and marketing offers for more than a decade.  We also have a long history of employing the best and brightest: smart, passionate folks who are committed to solving big problems and delivering excellence.

Take Ben Liang – one of those smart, committed professionals – who is profiled extensively in a great article in AdWeek entitled “The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth.”

Ben works in our AdOps group as an optimization engineer.  He’s a data guy who loves crunching numbers and his job entails figuring out how to maximize the potential of the complex algorithms ChoiceStream CRUNCH uses each day to determine which audience will see which ad that we’re currently serving on behalf of many leading brands.

Advertising is undergoing dramatic changes as the era of creativity without reason is being usurped by those who excel at quantitative analysis. Those who understand audience behavior and can analyze the numbers to identify trends and preferences are increasingly becoming more important. Don’t take my word for it. AdWeek claims people like Ben (and his ilk here at ChoiceStream which include a Ph.D. in neurology from MIT, an M.S. in biostatistics from Harvard and a software engineer with a physics degree from Cambridge) are “increasingly the most important players in the advertising industry.”

Ben LiangWhy did Ben decide against a career in high finance? His initial flirtation in working in finance happened as part of a training program with Bank of America after college. What the experience taught him was that Wall Street was really boring, even for somebody who loves numbers. However, some lessons did carry over into Ben’s new life in AdOps.  He notes that using analysis to choose the right fund and investments in his past life on Wall Street isn’t very far removed from what ChoiceStream does in finding the perfect audience for ad campaigns: only its a lot more fun and the results speak for themselves.

Take our work for Zappos (highlighted in the story).  The article notes “Zappos approached ChoiceStream about targeting consumers based not only on their age, location and other typical demographic data, but also what the weather was like. ChoiceStream designed a display ad that linked a three-day, location-based weather forecast with climate-appropriate merchandise that also took into account factors like age and gender.”  The result was a campaign that delivered higher performance at a much lower cost of conversion for getting consumers to click on the ad an purchase new shoes and apparel based on local weather conditions.

ChoiceStream’s COO Eric Bosco – another one of those smart passionate folks here at ChoiceStream – states towards the end of the article that “We take that initial (creative) intuition and convert it into something powerful.” The story concludes ChoiceStream – with its CRUNCH audience targeting solutions for online, mobile and video advertising – is one of the companies that’s “powerful enough to remake advertising as we know it.


To read the entire AdWeek article, click here.


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